Terms of Use

The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program carries a Creative Commons license, which permits noncommercial re-use of any of our content when proper attribution is provided. You are free to copy, display, and distribute our work, or include our content in derivative works, under the College Excellence Program’s following conditions:

Attribution and Notification: You must clearly attribute the work to the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program or any other attributed organizations. You must also provide a print or digital copy of the work to keith.witham@aspeninstitute.org.

When citing the materials, we prefer that the following citation is used: Source: College Excellence Program, Leading for Community College Excellence: Curricular Resources, The Aspen Institute (2017).

You may not remove, obscure, or modify the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program logo, or any other organization’s logos that appear in the curricular materials.

Noncommercial: You may not use this work for commercial purposes. Written permission must be obtained from the owners of the copy/ literary rights and from the College Excellence Program for any publication or commercial use of reproductions.

Additional materials and support: Facilitation materials and handouts are provided here in pdf form. Materials in editable forms (word documents, powerpoints, etc.) can be requested from the College Excellence Program. If you are interested in obtaining additional support or resources for utilizing these materials, please email keith.witham@aspeninstitute.org. We encourage adaptation of these materials under the Creative Commons license.

For the full legal code of this Creative Commons license, please visit creativecommons.org.